Sinus Plumber Severe Migraine Headache Nasal Spray with Capsaici

The SINUS PLUMBER SEVERE MIGRAINE HEADACHE NASAL SPRAY is a fast-acting, effective solution to your migraine headache pain. This spray contains two powerful ingredients that work together to provide you with relief from the symptoms of a migraine headache. It works quickly and effectively to relieve the pain and pressure in your head, neck and shoulders.

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  • The Sinus Plumber Migraine Headache Nasal Spray contains capsaicin, caffeine, and feverfew.
  • It treats many types of headaches, including tension, sinus, migraines, and clusters.
  • Made with non-GMO organic ingredients.
  • This product comes in a resealable bottle.


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  • Tastes Great
  • 100% Natural
  • Capsaicin And Caffeine For Fast Pain Relief
  • Relieves All Types Of Headaches


  • May Not Be Suitable For People With Heart Disease