Deep Sea Saline Nasal Spray

The Deep Sea Saline Nasal Spray is a spray that is perfect for use on a daily basis to help you stay hydrated and keep your nasal passages moist. This spray is made with a saline solution that is perfect for use on a daily basis to help you feel refreshed and hydrated. This spray is also great for use after a day at the beach or even after a day at work.

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  • The product is an ocean saline nasal spray that helps treat conditions such as congestion, irritation, and inflammation.
  • It contains sodium chloride (0.65%), which helps thin mucus and return moisture to the nasal passages.
  • The product also contains phenylcarbinol, which has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Finally, it contains benzalkonium chloride, which is a preservative.


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  • Relieves Congestion
  • Thins Mucus
  • Moisturizes And Irrigates Membranes


  • May Not Be Suitable For People With Allergies