Nasamist Saline Spray, 4.2 Fluid Ounce

The Neilmed Nasamist Saline Spray is a specially designed mist that is perfect for relieving symptoms of seasonal allergies, such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and stuffy nose. This spray contains a high concentration of saline solution that will help to soothe your sinuses and clear out mucus. It is also safe for use on children and adults.

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  • The Neilmed Nasamist Saline Spray is a nasal allergy relief spray that can help you to breathe easier.
  • This product has been specially designed to deliver a fine mist into your nasal passages.
  • The mist contains no alcohol or other potentially harmful substances.
  • It is also safe for use by babies and children.


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  • Inexpensive
  • Can Be Used For Allergies, Colds, And Flu Symptoms
  • Gentle Mist


  • May Not Be Suitable For People With Asthma Or Other Respiratory Conditions